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You just found out that your wife is unfaithful, and now you're devastated. You may even feel as if you've done something wrong to cause this to happen. You feel angry and hurt, and there are mixed emotions affecting you. What can you do to get your wife exposed?

You need to be honest with her. Tell her that you feel as though you've done something wrong to cause this, and you want to see how she's acting. She needs to know that you honestly are concerned, and that you are not doing this to cause her pain or anger. Take the blame off of her and see where it leads you. It will be hard for her to believe that you don't care about what she thinks, but if you truly care, then you'll be honest with her. Click here to join the cuckold chat to discuss with women and cuckold men.

There is no shame in admitting that you were wrong. Your wife was cheating on you; you should accept that fact and deal with it. One of the first things to take note of when your wife is getting caught out by her husband is how she is acting. You should see how she's acting and whether or not she's truly sorry for what she's done.

If your wife is apologizing to you, then that's great! In fact, it's vital that you see how she's acting because this is another good sign that she's sorry and that you should too. Seeing her apologizing to you shows that she regrets her actions, and you need to believe her. Admitting that you were wrong and that you were not keeping tabs on her will give you some peace of mind.

In addition to seeing how she's acting, you should also pay attention to the things she's telling you. Do your research, both online and offline. Learn everything you can about unfaithful wives. See how they react when their husband is cheating on them. Do you think they are open and honest with you?

When your wife is begging you to save your marriage, that can be a very scary situation. In fact, many women that are caught in affairs will do anything they can just to get their husbands back. If your wife has this level of desperation, this can be a very clear sign that she's still in love with you - and that she wants you to save the marriage. If you find this happening, then chances are, she's still feeling the same way about the affair. Seeing her beg you to save your marriage is not an admission of guilt on her part - it's simply her most sincere attempt at trying to keep you from walking out of the marriage.

In order to really see how your wife is acting, you should ask her some questions as well. For instance, if your wife is acting totally nonchalant around you, it might mean that she's having an affair with the guy you're dating. If she is coming and going all the time, and avoiding your calls and messages, then she's probably seeing the guy through his work. It's important to see if she talks to anyone about the affair, she's obviously not telling you the truth.

If your wife is acting incredibly defensive and tries to avoid your questions, this is a sign that she's having an affair with you through her phone. Unfortunately, you have to assume that she's seeing the guy through his phone. If you're seeing her constantly on her phone, and avoiding your calls and messages, chances are, she's giving you the information you need to take the steps needed to confront her. If your wife is acting completely aloof and unapproachable, it's probably because she feels guilty for being unfaithful. If you want to see how your wife really feels about the affair, you need to be more aggressive in asking questions and trying to see where she's going wrong.